Three types of visual aids used in business presentations

If not, bring your own and be sure it is set up properly before the presentation begins. For example, a particular scene or slides may trigger ideas for the presentation, providing the power of images. The only piece of hardware required is an overhead transparency projector.

OSHA is concerned that the training information presented must be understood by the employee; otherwise the training will not be effective. Strategies for Professional Communicators Kostelnick, C. Here is a brief list of hints to keep in mind as you prepare your presentation. This use of a visual aid can provide emphasis, effectively highlighting key words, ideas, or relationships for the audience.

The trainer needs to provide an environment in which participants feel sufficiently comfortable in order to ask questions and make comments.

Presentation Skills

Flip chart A flip chart is a large pad of paper on a stand. Primary colors are the colors from which other colors are made through various combinations.

Prepare them well in advance, edit and proof them, and be sure to keep them neat and clean. The key to designing your presentation is determining these objectives. Most manufacturers of paper copiers offer clear and colored acetate sheets that run through copying machines like paper, but transfer a black image into acetate for use as overhead transparencies.

The tips listed below will help you in the selection and preparation of visual aids. When Developing a Slide Presentation: This will ensure that all employees, regardless of their cultural or education background will receive adequate training on how to eliminate or minimize their occupational exposure.

Catalog and categorize slides, and place a date, location, and other relevant information on each slide. Do not proceed too far without first determining what you want to accomplish, what your audience wants to gain, and what the physical setting requires.

You might consider showing similar studies in graphic form, illustrating similarities across a wide range of research. Transparencies with too much information - especially typed pages designed for a printed piece and transferred to acetate - are confusing. The tool will allow you to show graphs, charts and illustrate relationships that words may only approach in terms of communication, but your verbal support of the visual images will make all the difference.

But if used indiscriminately, it can annoy the audience to the point where they cringe in anticipation of the sound effect at the start of each slide.

Presentation Skills

This should also help reduce the amount of information on each slide. Also, gather charts, drawings, books, or other resource materials pertinent to the subject which may be photographed or reproduced graphically as slides.

Strategies for professional communicators. Try to avoid lists of abstract words as these can be misleading or uninformative. Your speaking style and stage presence are personal talents that you can refine with much practice and experience.

When Developing a Program: Without them, the impact of your presentation may leave the audience shortly after the audience leaves you. Determine the difference between what you will say and what the visual aid will show.

Good Visual Aids During a Business Presentation

Do not use visual aids for persuasive statements, qualifying remarks, emotional appeals, or any type of rhetorical statement.

For example, a fashion designer may use people to model a clothing line. Secure permission to use commercial or otherwise copyrighted music or material. For example, a 1-inch letter is legible from 32 feet, and a 2-inch letter from 64 feet. Keep in mind that the use of visual aids will help to produce effective one-way or two-way communication.

Check to make sure your audience has taken down a reference before rubbing it off - there is nothing more frustrating than not being given enough time. The studies, below, reveal interesting statistics that support these findings: Change the size of your PowerPoint slide to a good poster size, such as 2-by-3 feetand decrease the view percentage on your computer screen to around 25 percent, or the smallest view that still allows you to see each element clearly.

However, once you have written something on the board you will either have to leave it there or rub it off - both can be distracting to your audience. Check with the meeting organizer to make sure the equipment you need will be there.

These can include handouts, overhead transparencies, drawings on the whiteboard, PowerPoint slides, and many other types of props. Transparencies with too much information - especially typed pages designed for a printed piece and transferred to acetate - are confusing.

The question of what to use and how to choose is an excellent one. The studies suggest that three days after an event, people retain 10% of what they heard from an oral presentation, 35% from a visual presentation, and 65% from a visual and oral presentation.

The use of visual aids, then, is essential to all presentations. How and When to Use Visual Aids to Make an Effective Presentation Using Visual Aids in Effective Presentations. While preparation and delivery are important, the visual aids that you use throughout your speech are equally as important.

you should try to incorporate different types of visual aids. Do not use graphs exclusively, for example. There are many different types of visual aids that can be used in business presentations. Let's take a look at some samples of different types of visual aids for business presentations.

2 How Do Audio/Visual Aids Help in Business Communication? 3 Advantages & Disadvantages of Visual Communication 4 Visual Aids to Overcome Barriers to.

For instance, if you decide to use three slides and a poster, all four of these visual aids should make use of the same type font and basic design.

Now that we’ve explored some basic hints for preparing visual aids, let’s look at the most common types of visual aids:. There are many types of visual aids that can be used for business presentations. Visual aids appeal to an individual's sense of sight and help further illustrate a point through flip charts.

Three types of visual aids used in business presentations
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Presenting Effective Presentations with Visual Aids