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Fish, freshwater shrimp and pigs were killed outright. Worst, while Marcopper-PDI until now denies responsibility on the environmental crimes it has done, the government is even callously maneuvering to re-open mining in Marinduque.

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Once removed, the ore-bearing rock is ground up into powder and mixed with water and chemicals into slurry. Tapian open-cut mine site being converted to receive mine tailings from the San Antonio mine on a temporary basis.

This year the Arroyo government was forced to scrap the Marinduque mining of its National Mineral Policy although it was classified as a priority of the administration.

How it is even possible that in all those years, no mine environmental rehabilitation plan was ever implemented, is one for the books.

They protested the dumping vehemently for 16 years and continue to demand that the bay be rehabilitated and that they be compensated for their losses. Complaints over leukaemia, kidney problems and other diseases among children and adults increased since The tailings also leach metals into the bay and are suspected to be the cause of lead contamination found in children from villages around the bay.

They are considered victims, because they have been deprived of their right to a clean habitat and of their right to enjoy the blessings of natural resource for their living.

Livestock, crops and farmland was destroyed, the river was heavily polluted and two children were drowned [1].

The shallow bottom is covered by approximately 80 sq km of tailings including a five km long causeway of exposed tailings. Key Actors Marcopper Mining Corporation Marcopper is the largest employer on the island of Marinduque and created most of the infrastructure on island.

This changed in when a blanket permit was given to Marcopper, which allowed them to dump mine tailings into the Calancan Bay at the rate of 2. The mine has been suspended since A year History of Mining Disasters and Social Opposition In 30 years of mining under Placer Dome's management, Marinduquenos endured one mining-related environmental disaster after another.

BHP can propose a new environment regime.

A River Once Ran Through it: The Boac River and Marcopper Mining

The toxic tailings pond at the Marcopper mine on Marinduque Island. The Consequences — Has caused serious health and environmental problems and have placed the community at risk. Doctors reported it was caused by the "red dust" he encountered at work everyday.

Marinduque is agricultural, with rice and coconut as the major crops.

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Please help improve this section if you can. Inthe Pollution Adjudication Board ordered Marcopper to stop waste dumping into the Calancan bay. Handicrafts made from Marinduque are also exported to dıfferent parts of the world.

They also have fishing as another important part of the economy. They used to have mining as their source of income until a mining accident (the Marcopper Mining Disaster occurred, resulting enormous damage to the people and the island.

Case study on Marcopper Mining and the Marinduque disaster Published by MAC on CASE STUDY: Prepared for the Global Mining Campaign. Catherine Coumans - April MINE: Marcopper Mining Corporation - Placer Dome Inc. Location: Marinduque, Philippines. Ownership: %. InMarcopper started mining operations in Marinduque.

Placer Development Ltd. secured and guaranteed more than US$ 40 million in loans for the new copper mining company from a consortium of American banks and "Placer undertook the responsibility.

Mining dam crack threatens Marinduque residents

Only a company representative may request an update for the company profile. Documentation will be required. To contact Marinduque Mining & Industrial Corp., please visit The accident became known as the “Marcopper Mining Disaster”.

It brought national and international attention to Marinduque.

Marinduque: The Heart of the Philippines

Experts and scientists poured into the island province to study the disaster, and eventually learned of the problems that had been occurring for years. Marinduque Mining & Industrial Corporation (Incorporated under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines) was a copper mining outfit that had been around.

Reflections on Marcopper and mining.

Mining-free Marinduque? Marinduque mining
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Marcopper Mining Disaster : Preda Foundation, Inc.